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Berkhamsted Personal Training – Join Our Club for Luxury Personal Training


The Chapel is a luxury private club dedicated to personal training, health and nutrition. We also provide services in personal development mentoring for those seeking additional support.


Our friendly and welcoming team of professional personal trainers are on-hand to ensure each guest's requirements are met at their convenience. Nestled in the heart of Berkhamsted's conservation area, The Chapel provides a luxury and discreet environment for training.


Many guests enquire simply looking to take back control and prioritise their health, often looking to improve their diet, fitness and tone. Long term considerations such as posture are ageing are also common components.  Others, seek our expertise for a total body transformation, post natal recovery, injuries or sometimes for their child; we will build a bespoke solution to suit each individual.

Many that start with us stay and The Chapel is part of their Lifestyle, providing expert personal training that is appropriate to their specific needs with an ultra flexible diary and an entire team of experts to take care of your requirements. 

Founder, Alex Minors, brings 20 years of  advanced knowledge and expertise, overseeing each case to ensure training is inspiring, progressional and measurable with a heartfelt and genuine interest in each guest and their specific requirements. 

"Exercise not only changes your body,
it changes your mind, your attitude
and your mood."

Start your Journey in Style


By Appointment Only with Private Parking & Secure Access.

Enter the walled garden via the heavy cast-iron gate and follow the path as it meanders through bay trees and English lavender to the main entrance of The Chapel. 

The imposing oversized bronze doors open up in to our welcoming guest reception with its elegant chandelier, panelled walls and vintage oak lockers.


Glance to the right and you'll find the main hallway to The Chapel with its large galleried oak staircase and grand piano playing gently in the background; home to our consultation suite. 

Ahead, a pair of display cabinets - adorned with Molton Brown - frame the entrance way to our Luxury Private Gym; the heart of The Chapel.

A Light, Clean and Spacious Gym

with just a handful of guests.

Our Personal Training Sessions are conducted in our luxury private gym. The Chapel's Gym is exclusively for personal training and houses a full suite of the latest, top of the range commercial equipment together with some more unusual pieces. This enables the team to cater for each guest no matter what their requirement is or their ability. Everything is by appointment only, so the gym maintains a spacious and exclusive atmosphere. 


Guests range from 8 to over 80yrs old. 

The Place to Change your Life

Step One - Informal Welcome Chat

Each guest begins their journey with a free informal welcome chat with Head Trainer Alex Minors - an opportunity to view The Chapel, meet Alex and discuss your requirements. Discover our range of packages or subscriptions available and which would suit you best - or an entirely bespoke package can be assembled.

Packages - structured fixed cost plans to help achieve set objectives.

Subscriptions - for guests who wish to commit to regular training and adopt a long term sustainable lifestyle change

Pay-as-you-go - for guests who wish to book in with no commitment.

Step Two - Consultation

Your Consultation will be conducted by Founder and Head Trainer Alex Minors. The objective is to ensure each guest's requirements are fully understood, relevant clinical measures are taken and the parameters for any forthcoming training are established. It is an opportunity to learn about the support, motivation and level of expertise you require.

Consultation typically includes a Medical Body Composition Analysis providing clinically accurate information, which is sent to you in a full report. Further tests, where appropriate, include postural assessment, core strength and metabolic testing.

The Chapel Berkhamsted Personal Training

Step Three - Book in Training

At your Welcome Chat you will have had the opportunity to select either a package, subscription or simple pay-as-you-go Personal Training. Once selected you will be able to book in sessions with our team and get started.

Book an informal Welcome chat...

Book an informal free chat with founder and head trainer Alex Minors. The Chat is simply to listen, understand your personal objectives and explain how best we may help.

Any package can be created to suit your needs, timescale and budget. 

Measurable Expertise

The Chapel Berkhamsted Personal Training

Our expertise includes 10 years working with the English National Ballet, providing precision exercise rehabilitation and dietary guidance for weight-loss and performance. Consultation was also commissioned by the Royal Ballet Upper School.

100,000 Sessions and 20 Years Experience

Our open, honest and genuine interest in each guest provides the foundation to their programme, ensuring training is bespoke, considerate and thoughtful.


Many of our guests begin their journey wishing to reduce weight, tone up and raise their general fitness. The aim, t0 take back control with a distinct desire to be a better version of their own self. As a result, we have a number of proven programmes to address this specific need.

Everyone is Welcome

Whether it is your child you are looking to help or you are the Chief Executive of a large firm juggling work with family life, we adapt and learn continually to ensure each individual is genuinely cared for to the utmost of our ability. 


As well as general exercise and diet prescription we also specialise in a number of areas including: British Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation, Exercising with or post Cancer, Lower Back Injury Prevention and many more complex and challenging conditions.


We further specialise on core-strength, providing assessment, education and prescription. 

10 years working with the
English National Ballet

"The most well-educated, concerned, effective advice and training anyone could ask for...
which should say a lot coming from a professional ballerina.

Transformed not only my physicality but also my personal mentality
on all things body, nutrition, exercise, health and longevity.
Thank you Alex, you are beyond a treasure"

Angela Wood - ENB Ballerina

Expert Personal Training

The Chapel Berkhamsted Personal Training
The Chapel Berkhamsted Personal Training
The Chapel Berkhamsted Personal Training

Elegance and function in perfect harmony

An entire Team of Personal Trainers working for you. 

Enjoy training in our luxury private gym with one of our expert personal trainers. Be inspired, motivated and supported throughout every component of your training. 

From simple machine based exercise to the most advanced functional movements, our Team will ensure your programme is achievable, fun and tailored to you.


Almost 75% of our guests have been with us between 5 and 15 years; The Chapel is part of their Lifestyle. 

Life Changing, Sustainable Results

With over 20 bespoke packages and membership subscriptions, are programmes are designed to address specific issues such as body-composition, injury rehabilitation, pregnancy, children and teens, muscle tone, fitness, running and more.. Each guest receives an in-depth medical grade body composition Analysis together with core strength analysis, postural assessment and when required a healthy eating guide. 

Guests can expect to lose a stone every 4-5 weeks together with significant improvements in muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. Our schedules need to fit around families, corporate entertaining and travel.

Healthy Eating that Works

Practical, Realistic Eating Plans

Our Guests tend to lead busy lives with little time or desire for food preparation; our Programmes include guidance that is practical and sustainable.


We can provide 'best choices' from many of the leading supermarkets and coffee chains if required and even help select menu items from your chosen restaurants.


The key is to work with each guest so that their programme is achievable. If you do wish to food prep or explore a particular diet in advance detail then we are more than happy to provide more in-depth levels of detail and advice; everyone is different. 

Above all, the most important aspect of any healthy eating programme is to understand its basis, the short term objective and the long term consideration of nutrient intake upon all aspects of health.

The Chapel Berkhamsted Personal Training

Our Team can even help with Menu Selections from Restaurants, Coffee Chains and Supermarkets.

Guest Privileges

Molton Brown
Molton Brown London

Our Guests enjoy exclusive access and rates to a number of our Partners

A selection of Molton Brown gifts are available for purchase in our reception area.

Contact Us

Our Team will be in touch shortly (please check your spam filter if you have not heard from us).

Free Informal Chat

Make an informed decision

Book an informal free chat with founder and head trainer Alex Minors. The Chat is simply to listen, understand your personal objectives and explain how best we may help.

Any package can be created to suit your needs, timescale and budget. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 6am to 9pm

Friday 6am to 8pm

Saturday 6am to 3pm

Sunday - Closed

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