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Our aim is simple...

To provide a warm, welcoming and reassuring environment for Personal Training with the refinement and ambience of a luxury spa or hotel and the service to match. From the moment you enter the walled garden, everything is meticulous; every detail matters.


Our team are friendly, approachable and professional; selected for their expertise and core values. Our open door policy means that at anytime guests may sit down with Alex and seek further support and expert guidance as their needs evolve. We know each guest personally and our continued desire to help each individual succeed in their endeavours is heartfelt and genuine.

Each guest is approached, motivated and supported in a way that is unique to them. Every aspect of our work, discreet and confidential. Our knowledge extends far beyond the perception of what personal training normally entails, often helping guests to co-ordinate and structure other aspects of their health and lifestyle.

Above all, The Chapel provides a consistently high level of training and expert guidance that continues to evolve to meet the ever changing requirements of our guests


Integrity, honesty and total dedication to you are at the heart of The Chapel.  

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"A fit body,
a calm mind,
a house full of love."


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The foundations of our large and loyal guest base that we have today, started back in 2003 in a converted garage; many of those guests are still with us today. In 2005, the former disused Chapel came up for sale in a sealed bids auction; the rest is history. Over the last 18 years, The Chapel has gradually undergone 5 very significant renovations to transform it in to the place it is today; the last just before the pandemic. The loyalty and dedication of our wonderful guests have provided the foundations of all you see today

Having overseen in excess of 100,000 sessions - including: 10 years providing expert services to the English National Ballet, consultancy to the Royal Ballet Upper School, endless C-Suite professionals, business owners and families - The Chapel has become synonymous with high quality personal training. 

The pandemic proved a challenging time for everyone and tested the resilience of both the club and guests. Throughout the pandemic, we opened and closed in some capacity no less than 7 times. Erecting outdoor gyms, setting up remote training and changing our operations continually to help service the needs of our guests and support the team. Wealthy guests with their own home gyms, came to support up training in the rain, wind and snow; remarkable. Our loyalty to our guests and commitment to help them succeed as they have helped us is wholehearted and genuine; we go the extra mile. 

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