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Pregnancy & Post Natal

Pregnancy & Post Natal


Fertility, Pregnancy & Post Natal Programme


Whether you are embarking upon fertility treatment and trying to be in the best shape, pregnant and looking to exercise safely or have given birth and returning to exercise, our team of experts will help guide you. Whether it is weight-loss, core strength, lower back issues or basic fitness and toning, we are on hand to help.


Understanding the physical considerations around a cesarean section or natural birth and around further complications such as PGP, herniation or pelvic floor issues is key to safe training and making the most of your recovery. Every single case is unique and effected by a broad range of factors - we adapt to each guest to meet their requirements. 

Your programme includes:

  • New Guest Consultation

  • Medical Body Composition Analysis

  • Core Strength Analysis

  • 6 Personal Training Sessions (over 3-6 weeks depending on the required intensity)


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