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Joint Rehabilitation

Joint Rehabilitation


These programmes are designed to help fully recover from either from an injury or surgery. Our expertise lays in specialist exercise prescription with a fully equipped gym; we do not diagnose or provide physiotherapy services though liaise with physiotherapists, orthopaedic consultants and other clinical professionals.


Our team will take the parameters from your physiotherapist and/or orthopaedic consultant and utilise them to establish an incremental and progressive framework up to full fitness. Exercise prescribed by therapists not only rely on total adherence but normally utilise body-weight or bands. At the Chapel, we can incrementally alter range, repetition and load with total precision to ensure continual progress. Our cases range from normal individuals seeking expert help to professional athletes and English National Ballet.


All enquiries are welcome and we will happily work with any existing therapists and consultants; simply it is about the best help for you.


Your programme includes:

  • Initial Consultation

  • Medical Body Composition Analysis

  • Core Strength Analysis

  • 8 Personal Training Sessions


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