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Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation


Whatever stage you are at in your journey with Cancer, our Cancer Certified Rehabilitation Instructor can help you establish an exercise schedule that is safe within the context of your personal diagnosis and treatment. 


Moderate exercise is well documented for its benefit throughout treatment and post therapy. Intense exercise or HIIT training is not considered safe; we will guide you through our programme and ensure the utmost care and consideration at all times. 


Our cancellation policy for this specific programme is considerably more flexible to ensure we meet your requirements wherever possible. Our most recent cases include a 21 year old male with leukaemia, a 50 year old female with a brain tumour and 37 year old with a spinal tumour.  


Your programme includes:

  • Initial Consultation

  • Medical Body Composition Analysis

  • 8 Personal Training Sessions

  • Follow up Consultation


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