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Berkhamsted Training Programmes – Become a New Healthier You


designed for Men, Women and Children 

Our proven results driven Programmes provide the foundations to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Each Programme includes:

Full Consultation with Wellness Report 

Bespoke Healthy Eating Plan

Resting Metabolic Testing

 Postural Assessment

Core Strength Analysis

 Weekly Medical Body Composition Analysis

Set number of Personal Training Sessions*

Follow up Consultation

*Chapel Guests who have completed a programme and continue to train on a weekly basis throughout the year, may receive all components as complimentary at anytime upon request. If you are looking for regular personal training but do not wish to embark upon a programme, please contact us and we shall help accommodate your requirements. Sessions pertaining to a package are valid for one year from the date of initial consultation. Packages are payable up front or in staged payments over the duration of the stated package length.

Stone & Tone

10 Sessions

Take back control and lose a stone in just 5 weeks with noticeable improvements in tone, health and overall fitness.


Full Consultation, Metabolic Testing, Healthy Eating Plan & 10 Sessions.

Body Transformation

30 Sessions

Our 10 week intensive programme is designed to produce outstanding results with a greater impact upon lifestyle and long-term habits.

Full Consultation, Metabolic Testing, Healthy Eating Plan & 30 Sessions.


52 Sessions

For those seeking a lifestyle change with a focus on long-term health, fitness, and good nutrition. 

Full Consultation, Metabolic Testing, Healthy Eating Plan & 52 Sessions. Couples Supplement available for programme.


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To learn more about our specific programmes or how we may help you in more detail please contact us for a free informal chat with head consultant Alex Minors

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Berkhamsted Training Programmes – Become a New Healthier You



including Medical Body Composition Analysis with Wellness Report, Postural Analysis & Core-Strength Assessment

Each Guest begins their journey at The Chapel with a Consultation by Head Trainer Alex Minors. The objective is to ensure each guest's requirements are fully understood, relevant clinical measures are taken and the parameters for any forthcoming training are established.

Consultation typically includes a Medical Body Composition Analysis providing clinically accurate information, which is sent to you in a full report. Further tests, where appropriate, include postural assessment, core strength and metabolic testing. 

Our Specialist areas include:  Sustainable Weight-loss, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Injury Rehabilitation, Children, Post Natal and many more.

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Nutrition & Heathy Eating Plans

inclusive with our Body Composition Programmes

We aim to provide nutrition and healthy eating guidance to all our guests, in order to complement their training. 

Learn how to eat a healthy, sustainable diet that is conducive to achieving short term objectives. The foundations of which, form the building blocks to a life-style change that promotes positive health and wellbeing.

Our guidelines are realistic and achievable, suitable for those with families or whose busy working lives mean they need quick, simple meals that can be purchased from a supermarket or cafe chain. We are also able to advise on selections from restaurants or planning around regular travel.

Guests are not required to calorie count, food prep or abstain significantly from any key food groups. Our guidance is simple, effective and sustainable. The true effectiveness to each guest is checked with regular measures on our composition analysers.


Our healthy eating plans are further tailored to you by the completion of a resting metabolic rate test.

Berkhamsted Training Programmes – Become a New Healthier You

Our guidance is simple, effective and sustainable. No meal prep, calorie counting or fads - just healthy food at the right times.

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Precision Personal Training

Single Sessions - from £79

Our guests enjoy working with an entire team of expert personal trainers in our luxury private gym. No matter what your ability, workouts are always tailored to you, fun and engaging. 


Our gymnasium is a full size commercial facility. for the exclusive reserve of just a handful of individuals at any one time. Guests enjoy greater degrees of privacy, guaranteed private parking and exemplary service.


Children under 18 are able to join a parent at no additional charge; this service is discretionary and subject to availability.

Couples Supplement - £10

Couples may join their partner for just an additional £10 a session. Even those with different objectives thoroughly enjoy training together.

Pairs £50 each

Friends wishing to train together may do so for just £48 each. 





Our primary focus is personal training with the development of good technique, safe exercise and individual attention. Group training is therefore not available at The Chapel.


Multiple Personal Trainers can be booked for families or groups who wish to train together in sets of pairs.

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Please book a free informal chat to discuss a programme in more detail. 


Any length programme may be created to suit your needs. The Programmes on our site are simply representative of our more common enquiries.