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Online Videos Launched November 2020 

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Our Online workouts are intended for guests of The Chapel who, wish to stay fit either when unable to attend or at periods of closure. They are generic and may not be appropriate if you have an injury or pre-existing condition that requires specific instruction. 


Each workout contains instructions at the start to provide basic guidance on each exercise in the workout; please follow these carefully. 


Prior to performing any online video, please ensure you have warmed up and stretched fully. The information pertaining to the main body of the video is on the assumption you have warmed up, stretched and are aware of how to correctly perform each exercise.

Throughout your workout please ensure you concentrate on your breathing and stay well hydrated. If any point you feel unwell or become aware of any strain please stop immediately. 

In the bottom right of your video, we suggest clicking on the cog and increasing quality to 1080p HD for optimal viewing.  You may click in the lower right corner to switch to full screen or cast to a Smart TV from your mobile device .

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please get in touch with us. 

Please note, all workouts are completed at your own risk.

A simple, total body 500 rep workout with 4 exercises; no equipment required.

20 Reps per Exercise

4 Exercises per Round

5 Rounds Total

Each exercise is clearly explained at the beginning with a regression for a more simplistic variation.

Workout body starts at 4minutes (please ensure you have read the above guidance first).

Daily Workout - V1

Press Ups | Squats | Abs | Core

Press Ups | Squats | Abs | Core

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