Outdoor Gym open 29th March 2021. Main Club open 12th April


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D E D I C A T E D   T O   P E R S O N A L   T R A I N I N G

Berkhamsted Personal Training – Join Our Club for Luxury Personal Training


The Chapel are proud to announce the opening of our outdoor luxury private gym - dedicated to 1-to-1 personal training. Private and covid-secure our new offering provides everything our guests would expect inside, enabling a great start to 2021. In these unprecedented times, and with the temporary closure of our club, we wished to continue providing our exclusive personal training services to both our existing guests and those that wish to embark upon a new journey in 2021. Our expert personal trainers are on hand to ensure outstanding results every time.


Located in the Walled Garden at The Chapel, our outdoor gym includes a comprehensive selection of our finest pieces of equipment with a semi-permanent structure to keep everyone dry in all weathers. Our beautiful fire pit, elegant planters and candle-lit lanterns surround the area to welcome our guests and keep spirits high through the winter months.

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Expert Personal Trainers

Founded by expert trainer Alex Minors in 2005, The Chapel has completed over 100,000 hours of Personal Training at the highest level. Our open, honest and genuine interest in each guest provides the foundation to their programme, ensuring training is bespoke, considerate and thoughtful.  Results are measurable with the latest in medical body composition analysis, core strength assessment and fitness testing; if appropriate. A full healthy eating schedule is also provided to complement training and ensure that any desired changes are achieved in a sustainable manner.


Many of our guests begin their journey wishing to reduce weight, tone up and raise their general fitness. Further postural enhancements and incorporating The Chapel as part of an improved and sustainable lifestyle underpin the foundations of our guests long-term objectives. The overall aim, t0 take back control with a distinct desire to be a better version of their own self. 

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