Covid Safety

Every Step has been taken to ensure our guests feel

that from the moment they enter The Chapel, our site is 

clean, secure and every aspect of your journey considered

in regards to safety and cleanliness.

Safe Public Space Training

Whilst The Chapel is closed, our Team are available for outdoor pubic space training. This takes place in and around Berkhamsted and only in officially recognised public spaces. 

Each Trainer is required to wear a mask for all training and maintain social distancing of 2m. Each trainer carries a small pack and mat for your comfort; these are wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes in your presence. 

Social Distancing and Capacity

The Chapel is a luxury private club dedicated to top level personal training.


Access is by appointment only and the club always operates with 1-3 trainers at anyone time providing 11-55sqm of space per person - in essence a full commercial club with no more than 6 individual guests in. Everyone is accompanied by a trainer which ensures space is maintained at all times. 

Safe Entry

By attending an appointment certifying they are not symptomatic of Covid, awaiting a test result, have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive or are required to quarantine owing to either travel or track and trace. 

Entrance is via our gust contactless key fob. The cast iron gate has been sprayed with an anti-microbial treatment and is wiped regularly


Clean Hands

Contactless hand sanitiser stations must be utilised - located both externally and internally. Anti-bacterial hand-wash is also located in the 4 bathrooms.

Temperature Check

Guests are temperature checked via a wall mounted infra-red thermometer at reception. 

Change Shoes

All guests are required to change into clean, dry, indoor shoes before entering the gym. 

Fresh Air

The gym is at ground floor level with 4 pairs of large glass doors; 2 sets are opened throughout the day for fresh air ventilation.

Your Team Trainer

Your Trainer is also temperature checked daily and required to use the hand sanitiser twice hourly as a minimum. Trainers may wear face masks at anytime if either by choice or at the request of a guest or the Company.

Anti-bacterial Wipe

The gym and all high contact surfaces are wiped hourly with Dettol soaked disposable wipes. Any equipment that is potentially shared is wiped down between use.